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Honest Midas is an Egyptian company that provides all care services for the elderly, in addition to domestic services, cleaners, cooks, and nannies. Egyptian and foreign maids.

All foreign maids except Africans or East Asians for the comfort of your family and yours. Maids working, nannies (baby sitters) to take care of your child. The office also provides (foreign babysitters) to take care of the elderly in your family. And all this to provide comfort and reassurance to customers. Our motto is “We work for the comfort of the family from the troubles of life

?Why Honest Midas

Home service

Home service: Delivering the maid to the door of the house without any cost, or receiving the maid from the company's administrative headquarters.

Licensed and registered administrative headquarter

A licensed and registered administrative headquarters, a maids office in October, Honest Midas, the first licensed service office with an administrative headquarters, registered and subject to investment law, with legal contracts and licensing. We cover all governorates of Egypt

Legal guarantees and health certificates

Legal guarantees and health certificates from the maids' employment office in Egypt, Honest Midas. We have legal guarantees for labor and all our maids are honest and guaranteed

Many choices

We have many options when requesting the service, and we can send the customer pictures and data on WhatsApp to choose the appropriate specifications for the work and to offer space for the customer to choose the maid

Periodic follow-up

Periodic follow-up to our service, and you can easily contact us at any time, inside or outside working hours, and submit complaints and suggestions through live chat on the site or WhatsApp

our service

Easy and simple steps to get the maid that suits you

call us

Contact us to find out the specifications of the maid that is suitable for you and your family

Tell us what you need

call us

Send a group of pictures of maids

Send a group of photos of maids via WhatsApp, which were nominated for you by the specialist

Check your WhatsApp

Choose the one that you think is right for you

Order now

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:Leave us a message and we will contact you

Reviews of some of our clients

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